Interview with Alessandro Quaranta and Tiziana Giordani

Interview with Alessandro Quaranta and Tiziana Giordani

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We have interviewed Alessandro Quaranta and Tiziana Giordani, a couple who took the 3rd place in the Senior Latin at Blackpool Festival 2018. They are both from Italy. It was an interesting conversation because they are the living proof that there is never too late to start dancing!

Dancing makes you feel alive with emotions

When did you start dancing?

[Alessandro]: We started to dance together 10 years ago, already in Senior. It took us long time, but we were improving a little with every competition we danced. And finally, we became the European Senior Latin vice-champions, and here in Blackpool we got the 3rd place.

Why did you start dancing?

[Alessandro]: I tried various other sports before. But I always liked dancing, and my daughter danced. I followed my daughter to competitions anyway so I decided to give it a try, just socially, for pleasure. Then it became a passion and it made me work to become a real dancer. Tiziana and I met at the dance studio, and that’s how we started dancing together.

What do you do in your private life?

[Alessandro]: I work in the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, in Italy.

[Tiziana]: I work in childcare

So how can you afford dancing?

[Alessandro]: I work a lot to earn more money (laughing). I am a maintenance director in my hospital.

Where do you go for competitions?

[Alessandro]: We compete in Italy of course. Mostly we go to England. Sometimes we compete in some other countries, for instance we have danced in Paris, in Assen...

What do you do in your spare time?

[Alessandro]: It is work and dance, no spare time

[Tiziana]: We practise a lot. Every day, and at weekends as well.

[Alessandro]: Motorbikes are my passion, but for the last few years I did not have any time to do this.

Motorbikes? I am imagining you clothed in black leather and all that!

[Alessandro]: Yes, of course (laughing). I love it.

You mentioned you have a daughter?

[Alessandro]: Two daughters. Both used to dance, one Ballroom and one Latin. But they have already stopped. I am the one to continue.

Can I ask how old are you?

[Alessandro]: I am fifty five. We are very proud of our third place yesterday, I was the oldest man in the final. And to be third, and actually second in Samba is great!

Yes, great! Very well done.

[Alessandro]: While preparing for the competition, we put great emphasis on our stamina. I actually lost seven kilos.

[Tiziana]: I lost eight kilos over two months. We worked very hard.

[Alessandro]: So we were really fit and ready for this competition.

I am still surprised that you started dancing when you were forty four! Why dancing?

[Alessandro]: When I first tried I felt alive. For me dancing is very important because it keeps me fit and disciplined, and although you have to sacrifice a lot, you also get a lot in return. You have to give your time, money, you sacrifice your time with family, but it gives you back satisfaction, keeps you alert, keeps you fit. You feel alive with emotions.

Are you married?

[Alessandro]: We are not married, but we are together ten years.

Did you become a couple in private life first, or in dancing?

[Alessandro]: We met at the dance studio. My daughter was dancing there, and Tiziana was teaching social dancing.

So you are dancing longer than Alessandro?

[Tiziana]: Yes, but I was only doing social dancing. I never did any competitions. I qualified as a teacher, teaching social dance, when I was eighteen years old.

Do you have any children together?

[Tiziana]: No. Alessandro has two daughters from his previous relationship.

Are you planning to dance in Over50?

[Tiziana]: No.

[Alessandro]: Not possible because she would have to be forty five at least. She is younger.

What are your plans for the future?

[Alessandro]: To dance for another year, and then maybe turn Professional.

[Tiziana]: We are ambitious

[Alessandro]: But we have to establish our position before we can think of turning Professional. You have to be ambitious.

Imagine if there was a competition where public could also vote. What would be more important for you: judges’ vote or public vote?

[Alessandro]: Public. I would like to be a winner for the audience. But I believe you cannot be a winner for the audience unless you first were a champion in judges’ eyes. You have to be technically very good.

[Tiziana]: For me, the same

You agree with everything he says!

[Tiziana]: I do, we have the same goals and agreed the same method to achieve them (laughing)

What would you like your partner to change, to improve?

[Alessandro]: Nothing. We are good together as we are. When you make a decision to be together, you have to accept bad things as well as good things in your partner. I would not want anything to change in her.

[Tiziana]: I would make him a little taller (laughing)

What is most important in dancing for you?

[Alessandro]: To be able to perform in such a way that my emotions are transmitted to the audience. Like a theatre actor but through dancing.

How important it is to win?

[Tiziana]: It matters to me.

[Alessandro]: It is important, because it confirms that you are heading the right direction. That you are improving.

What don’t you like in dancing?

[Alessandro]: Some people can be really competitive, and it is also happening off the floor. It is absolutely OK to compete against each other on the floor, but not right if this happens beyond that.

Who is cooking at home?

[Tiziana]: I do. He cannot cook

[Alessandro]: Italian male chefs are very good, but at home it is women who do cooking (laughing).

Do you use computers?

[Alessandro]: Of course I use them at work. I also like social media, visit dancesportinfo.

Thank you!

[Alessandro]: I really use dancesportinfo all the time. I like to browse the results from all over the world, check historical results, and check other dancers.

Do you use any other dance website?

[Alessandro]: Our own Italian infodanza.

Do you watch dance videos?

[Alessandro]: Of course. We have our own YouTube channel and our own recordings.

Do you watch DSI-TV?

[Alessandro]: Yes, we are subscribers.

What can we improve on dancesportinfo?

[Alessandro]: The home page is very important because you can start from there to get to all the other sections. Perhaps your home page is too busy.

Do you think we should expand our video section?

[Alessandro]: Not necessarily for me, as I am usually looking for the results, or other dancers’ results. I treat it more like a newspaper. A beautiful newspaper (laughing).

Thank you very much.

Images taken by Moni Csepelyi